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Enzo Luciano is a powerful working class Cane Corso he is 2nd gen to the World Famous WW15 world winner Brutus Xman. For people that are not familiar with XMan he has won titles from all over the world from Milan, Italy to Bulgaria Gibraltar, Portugal, Luxembourg, Rum, Serbia, Slovika, Hungary, and so many more.  He is one of the most influential Cane Corso of all time! His mother is straight import from Portugal,FCI DNA tested AKC &ICCF registered. OFA & Pennhipped. This Dual registered Stud is the definition of a Cane Corso from the temperament to the loyal protectiveness that will never leave your side. They will  protect you and your family with his life.




This Beautiful Blue Cane Corso is an extremely powerful and athletic working bitch with Champion bloodlines. She even has some celebrity siblings. Her brother lives with the famous NBA star Shaq. Dual registered American Kennel Club & International Cane Corso Federation. An outstanding specimen to the breed.


IL Vigore Corso  Pantera 


IL Vigore Corso Pantera is 

Imported World Champion Bloodlines from the best

bloodlines in Serbia & Holland parents penn hipped and elbow scored HD-A ,

ED-O certified . Also sire is now AKC GRAND CHAMPION.

Doesn't get any better than her!

Also extremely athletic, loyal, and family Protective. 

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